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Avoid 3 Common IT Mistakes Biotech Companies Make

10 mins read
written by
Dhoof Mohamed

How secure is your critical data? Are you working with IT professionals who understand the very serious security issues of biotech companies and can recommend solutions that work for you over time?

Do you find that the IT needs of biotech companies are different than many other industries? I certainly do. Biotech businesses are very dependent on the information they produce and gather. Whether developing a new drug or a faster testing process, the data you gather and generate creates the value for your shareholders or investors.

And since the best way to avoid IT problems is to be aware of them when making decisions, I have put together 3 common mistakes we see biotech companies making:

1) Don’t Take Security Seriously Enough
Business managers understand the importance of securing their data. The problem is a disconnect with the IT department, many of whom come from other industries. Even if they have a background in the financial industry, many IT people still don’t understand the critical nature of of keeping biotech data secure. So, they recommend solutions that are sufficient for many industries but still not secure enough for your business.

You want to work with IT professionals who understand the very serious security issues of biotech companies and can recommend solutions that work for you over time.

2) Not Getting the Right IT Solutions in Place
Biotech companies require a huge amount of data collection, analysis and storage. Your IT team should stay ahead of your company needs for the next 6-12 months -- at the very least. Unfortunately, many IT people are in reactive mode and do not put much effort into planning and forecasting.

To avoid being overwhelmed by your ever growing data storage and processing needs, regularly talk with your IT team about your data needs for 6 months, 12 months and even beyond.

3) Missing or Insufficient Policies and Procedures
Many IT teams have very little experience in developing, documenting and implementing policies and procedures. So, they typically create very minimal policies and procedures, if they create any at all. However, that can get you into trouble with regulatory bodies and put you at risk during regulatory audits.

If your IT team lacks experience with policies and procedures, it can be beneficial for them to work with someone on the operations side of your business that can guide them on the right way to create policies and procedures.

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