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Artificial Stickiness

10 mins read
written by
Dhoof Mohamed

In the managed services industry, there are several trade secrets that industry players often minimize or fail to mention; it is the practice of artificial stickiness. Artificial stickiness is a multi-pronged approach to making it more difficult for managed services clients to leave a particular provider. This entails having some control over the software, hardware and data of the managed services client to disincentivize the client from finding a new provider.

What is artificial stickiness?

Artificial stickiness refers to the difficulty experienced by customers when switching IT service providers. When talking with an IT provider that practices artificial stickiness, they might attempt to make it seem impossible to switch to a new provider. This is contrary to a great provider because they facilitate your needs instead of making your business difficult.

Why is it so difficult to transition from outsourced IT firms?

IT firms that practice artificial stickiness tend to mask their attempt as a comprehensive coverage for clients; they provide hardware, software and data services for clients, so transitioning from their services can be very difficult. These providers make your business’ infrastructure rely on their devices and company. This can provide additional issues if this causes downtime and loss of business. If you don’t have control over your business’ assets like domain name, website, email hosting, etc., this can make the transition even more difficult.

What information should you have before transitioning to a new provider?

There are several things you need to get in order before transitioning to a new provider. This includes your administrator usernames and passwords for applications, networks and any other sensitive domains. Additionally, you’ll need your internal systems like core applications, your internal network and all the domain systems you use. Lastly, you should have any remnants of your IT infrastructure and any important documents like supplier contacts, voice and data services and more. If you’d like to learn how your business can transition from your current provider, talk to an expert here.

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