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Are Your Dedicated Servers at Risk?

10 mins read
written by
Dhoof Mohamed

Does your company use dedicated servers? They are a cost effective way to control a server without having to manage it. However, in talking to some companies, we have found that they are taking unnecessary risks with their servers.

Some companies are using servers hosted and managed by their IT provider. And while that may seem logical on first glance, the problem is that a server is only as good as the infrastructure that supports it. A dedicated server relies on internet connections to be available to you.

Be sure you work with a dedicated server provider that has multiple internet connections to their location. This ensures that when a provider goes down or there is a bottleneck, you are not left without a server. In addition to multiple internet connections, a reliable dedicated server provider will have a backup power supply, temperature controlled environment, and a secure location.

The typical independent IT provider lacks all or most of these things. That means you will lose access to your server if the internet connection goes down, there is a power loss where the server is located, or the server breaks down because of temperature fluctuations. A secure environment is also important because someone could break into the location and steal the server which has all of your data.

When choosing a provider for a dedicated server, be sure they have the appropriate infrastructure to ensure your servers are available when you need it.

Improving Effectiveness with Technology

Whether you use dedicated or in-house servers, you can benefit from having someone assesses how you can use technology to improve company effectiveness. Skyriver IT helps businesses leverage technology to improve existing process and accelerate business growth. We help you collect the right data, leverage the right applications, and put the right technology in place to move your business forward.

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