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Are Your Credit Card Transactions PCI Compliant?

10 mins read
written by
Dhoof Mohamed

Is your company PCI compliant? Visa, MC and AmEx require businesses that accept credit cards to be PCI compliant.

If you accept any major credit cards, your organization is required to be PCI compliant. PCI Security Standards are technical and operational requirements required by the credit card brands (e.g. Visa, MC, AmEx) to protect cardholder data. Non-compliance can lead to significant fines and loss of credit card processing privileges.

The standards focus on implementing security best practices. And your requirements are based to some degree on the size of your organization. You can learn more about PCI compliance at the Council’s web site: PCI Security Standards Council

While you can make sure you are compliant using the information at the above site and communicating with your credit card processing company, many organizations find it is a lot easier to work with an outside company to help them navigate all of the requirements to be sure they are in compliance. Whether you choose Skyriver IT to help or not, it is important to make sure you are in compliance with the standards.

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