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Are You Losing Productivity to Slow Computers?

10 mins read
written by
Dhoof Mohamed

Computers slow down over time and it happens so slowly that we often do not notice it. As flexible human beings, we adapt to the increasingly long waits for the computer to boot up and launch programs. Have you ever thought about how much time and productivity it is costing your organization?

For example, a typical employee boots up their computer once a day and launches 4 programs. With a slower computer, it can easily take 5 minutes to boot up and 2.5 minutes to launch a program. If you take the 5 minutes per boot up and a total of 10 minutes launching programs times 250 working days per year, it is a total of 63 hours each year of unproductive time. And if you have 25 people in your organization, that is over 1500 hours of unproductive time for the year.

Therefore, it is worth refreshing or upgrading your computers on a regular basis. Whether you do it in-house or use a service provider, the time required to do a fresh install of the operating system can be recovered in just a few weeks of faster boot ups and program launches.

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