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Are You Leveraging the Power of Tablets?

10 mins read
written by
Dhoof Mohamed

Every once in awhile, a new technology comes along that has the chance to be disruptive for some business processes. Tablets are just such a technology. No, it is not a replacement for laptops for most basic computing uses. However, the combination of touchscreen, camera, gyroscope, wireless networking, and portability provide some interesting options.

One painting company here in San Diego uses the iPad to document and showcase their work. Rather than carry around a printed portfolio, they use the iPad to show their portfolio to potential clients. Using a tablet allows them to carry a lot more images and tag them by different types of work and colors. This enhanced portfolio makes it possible to show potential clients work very similar to what they want done. In addition, they use it to photograph before and after work, then quickly edit it and tag it. So, their portfolio grows with every job.

Other companies are using tablets for mobile point-of-sale systems, searchable wine menus, and enhanced medical records. So, as you look at your business processes, consider how tablets might streamline your employees' work or enhance your customer's experience. You can also work with an outside company that specializes in applying technology to improve your business processes.
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