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An Important Time to Get Your IT Team’s Input

10 mins read
written by
Dhoof Mohamed

The beginning of the year is when many growing businesses consider their upcoming space needs. This can lead to moving locations or adding additional space. However, many business leaders do not consult their IT team when choosing new space and this mistake can be a point of frustration for the length of your lease.

Your IT infrastructure is an important part of your business. And an IT professional can assess possible space for how it will impact your infrastructure. The two most common problems we hear about are internet speed and cabling options.

Internet speeds are important to how many businesses operate. If you cannot get fast enough internet, it is going to hurt productivity and create a lot of frustration. Surprisingly, some nice office space in San Diego has very limited and slow internet options. Also, once you decide to move, you need to plan for the lead time that it takes to get an internet connection to a new space. Even if a provider is already providing service to a building, allow 30 days to get service to your new space.

Cabling, or the option to run cabling, is often overlooked as well. While some companies try to use wifi connections to avoid cabling, it is not as robust as ethernet cabling. So, you want to make sure you can run cabling to where you will need it to keep your network running at top speeds.

So when you are assessing new space for your business, be sure to include your IT team in the assessment phase. It could save you a lot of potential hassles and lost productivity.

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