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Adjusting Your IT Operations to the Omicron Variant

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Dhoof Mohamed

The Omicron variant has been dominating national news for the past month. With many cities restarting lockdown procedures, businesses have to adapt to this new normal and make changes in order to continue operations. The government response will vary based on where your business is located. Some countries, states and cities are closing down businesses like gyms, while others are requiring citizens to wear masks. Check with your local guidelines to see how your business will be impacted.

Even with the Omicron variant and lockdowns happening, many businesses cannot afford to just halt their IT operations. Companies with in-house IT personnel need their IT staff to come to work, so they can power the infrastructure of the business. Without IT support, crucial business applications and systems will stop working and this can result in businesses losing thousands of dollars per day. An alternative that some businesses have begun exploring includes outsourcing their IT operations to a provider and leveraging a hybrid work environment. 

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How can outsourcing your IT operations help your business?

Outsourcing your IT operations is a viable cost-effective option to ensure your IT operations run smoothly until work conditions return to normal. By outsourcing your IT, you can continue your normal operations even if your employees cannot come to the office. Additionally, IT outsourcing has become standard practice since the beginning of the pandemic; IT providers have come up with numerous innovative ways to support their clients while following CDC guidelines. Some of the best benefits of outsourcing your IT operations include:

Flexibility: Outsourcing your IT operations to a competent provider gives your business the flexibility to work remotely, in-office or in a hybrid environment. Regardless of the limitations set by the variant, an outsourced IT provider can help meet your needs 24/7 and ensure your business’ operations continue. Additionally, you can choose how much IT support you need. Whether you want a full IT team or a few additional staff members, an IT provider can help meet your needs. 

Control costs: With the unpredictable work conditions, it can be very easy to go over your budget for your business’ IT needs. When you outsource your IT, you can control the monthly costs of your IT operations. This allows you to budget adequately for the rest of your business while ensuring your IT operations run smoothly. This is a great way to reduce your overhead if the revenue of your business starts to decrease.

Expertise: It’s extremely hard for businesses to find competent IT staff and the cost of hiring and retaining one can be well into the six figures. With an outsourced IT provider, you can hire talented IT staff that don’t need training and can start focusing on solving your IT needs. This access to expert staff allows you to meet your IT needs and these staff can help improve your processes by adding new technology into your business. This ultimately improves revenue, productivity and the efficiency of your business. 

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