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3 Myths that Prevent Companies from Getting Better IT

10 mins read
written by
Dhoof Mohamed

So many companies we meet are unhappy with their IT solution, whether in-house or a provider. However, they are not willing to make a change. Why? They believe three myths that cause them to think that switching is not worth the effort, or will not make a big difference.

Switching is not as hard as you think, and choosing the right provider can make a big difference in your IT support and infrastructure. So, what are the three big myths?

1) Switching will disrupt the business

An IT service provider with a good onboarding process can make the transition go quickly and smoothly. Yes, it will take a little of your time to help them fully understand the goals around your infrastructure and point them in the right direction for where things are. However, beyond that, it is up to them. They will map out your network, servers, workstations, and user access, so they fully understand your IT infrastructure. When done properly, you have a better understanding and documentation of your IT infrastructure than if you remain with the IT team who “knows” your network.

2) IT does not have a big impact on my business, unless it is not working

A supportive IT environment can positively impact your culture when employees feel supported and the IT team focuses on helping the business reach its goals. IT is becoming an ever bigger part of how your team works. You want an effective and proactive IT team that takes IT concerns off your plate and keeps users productive, so your business runs more smoothly.

3) Switching IT teams will not improve service

You can find an IT team that provides the level of service right for your organization. To find the right provider for you, speak to an IT service provider’s current clients, meet at least one technician (not just the salesperson), and understand their IT onboarding process. Improved service can really make a difference to running your business. Here is how one of our clients expressed it:

“Our technology is in a far better place than it has ever been thanks to your efforts. We are able to think ahead instead of just covering the day-to-day of our technology. We are fortunate to have your firm as our service provider.”

-COO at Lavine, Lofgren, Morris & Engelberg, LLP

Don’t put up with mediocre or poor IT support! It is far too important for your organization. Switching IT service providers is not as hard as you may think and can really benefit your organization.

Want to Understand the Switching Process in More Detail?

If you are thinking about switching IT service providers, but are not sure if it is worth it, let’s talk. We can explain the process to you and let you know what some of the challenges might be for your specific situation. Contact us to schedule a time to talk.

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