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3 Common Backup Failures... and How to Avoid Them

10 mins read
written by
Dhoof Mohamed

The wrong time to find out your files are not being backed up properly is when you need them. Even with a backup plan in place, your company could fall victim to human error, hardware failure or malicious attacks... if you are not prepared.

Here are three common backup failures and the steps you can take to eliminate them:

1) Users Undermining Backup Plan

Some of the best backup plans can fail if the right files are not being backed up. This can happen when users can save files in the wrong locations or they take laptops home at night when backups are scheduled. Solving this challenge takes a two-prong approach: (1) Where possible, plan backups around existing user behavior. This makes things easier for everyone in the long run. (2) When that is not possible or secure, train users on where files need to be saved and why it is important. Too often, IT professionals plan backups based on the way they think users should behave, not the way they do.

2) Failure of the Backup System

Backup systems can fail, whether it’s a hardware or software problem. That is why systems should be tested regularly. Have your IT team test files regularly, as though they would during a real recovery, to ensure your backup system works as expected.

3) Local Backups Compromised

If your backups are connected to your network, ransomware and malware could still infect it. Plus, your local backups are at risk from fire, flood and theft. That is why it makes sense to take some backups off site. They are separated from your network and your physical location. This provides an additional layer of security for your business.

With just a little effort on your IT team's part, you can prevent these three potential backup failures and ensure your backups are available when you need them.

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Improving Your Backup Reliability

Skyriver IT helps clients create more robust backup plans and ensure they are working effectively... on an ongoing basis. If you would like some help improving your backup reliability, let’s talk to see if it would be a good fit. Please contact us to schedule a time.


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