An IT Service Provider that places Business needs over Technology.

You deserve IT services that help you stay focused on your core competencies. You are not interested in knowing how the watch is made, you simply want to know the time. We help our clients solve business issues by leveraging technology. A trusted technology advisor that places business needs first is what you can expect from Skyriver IT.

Why is Skyriver IT Different?

Skyriver IT was created to help entrepreneurs stay focused on their business without the distraction of IT issues. Siyamak Khorrami, our Founder and Rudy Michelon, our CEO received advice they could not trust and poor service levels as power users of IT services. They wanted a better user experience. SkyriverIT leverages technology to provide you with a reliable and efficient IT infrastructure that aligns with your business goals.

Business Centric Approach

What does it mean to be business-centric as opposed to tech-centric? Skyriver CEO Rudy Michelon breaks down the approach Skyriver IT takes when it comes to taking the frustrations out of your IT needs.


  • Gap between IT managers business knowledge and company needs
  • Limited skillset
  • Technology is complex and ever-changing
  • Software projects not delivered on time
  • Users need better service

  • Bridge gap between IT and business with Virtual CIO
  • Broad, collective skillset
  • Understands business to build technology road map
  • Dedicated resources for projects
  • Develop the right tools, processes and systems for your environment

You get a different experience with Skyriver IT. In addition to great support, you get IT investment advice you can understand. For example, many companies overinvest (wasting money) or underinvest (losing productivity) in their IT infrastructure. We help companies find the optimal investment.

If you are looking for an IT services company that can provide real service to your organization, please contact us.

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A Fresh Approach to IT Services.

We have developed a methodology for identifying and training team members to ensure a user centric approach to IT. We strongly believe that how IT solutions are delivered matters.