As Lao Tzu said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  That is why Skyriver IT is very clear about its goal and openly shares it with clients, partners and team members.
What have you done today to bring you closer to your goals?


Become the industry leader at setting entrepreneurs free from the frustrations of information technology.


We strive to offer outsourced IT services that deliver value in every interaction with the highest user satisfaction.



We call it like we see it and we communicate in a jargon-free way. We approach things with honesty and integrity. Whether it is setting up business goals, or setting up a server, we are clear on what we are trying to accomplish and what we need to do to accomplish that goal.


We care about our clients, our colleagues and our community. We take ownership for client outcomes, both on the technical side and how clients experience the interaction. Our colleagues feel supported by the team and we strive for a good work-life balance. We work towards making our community a better place through how we do our work and volunteer our time.

Professional Patience

We understand it is stressful to be without your computers working properly. We provide clear and appropriate communication with clients and colleagues. If someone is not an IT expert, we use non-technical terms, analogies, and stories to clarify issues and make IT options accessible. We screen and train our engineers to be patient and thorough. We seek out the root cause of network issues and remedy the problem the first time. This frequently shows up in our level of professionalism.


We work together with clients and colleagues to develop superior outcomes. We recognize we are not always the expert, so we leverage each other’s knowledge to get the best results possible.

Continuous Improvement

IT is ever changing, as is our business. We regularly look for better ways of doing things. We look internally to improve our thoughts, skills and behaviors. See more on our community involvement.

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