As Skyriver IT continues to grow, it is important to give back to our community. As we become more involved we are continually impressed with the caliber of people who are happy to help others. The ideas and new businesses that we regularly see prove to us that Southern California is one of the most innovative places on earth.

Here are a few of the local non-profit organizations we support:


There are many small, effective charities in San Diego that help children who are abused or neglected. Their challenge is that they do not have the resources for effective fundraising. That is why CFO Roundtable started Day for Change. It is a fundraiser for several small charities in San Diego that help children in need and 100% of the money raised is given to these charities to support their great work. Skyriver IT is proud to support of Day for Change. While their big fundraiser for the year is in December, you can make a donation any time.


Big Brothers Big Sisters of San Diego County does amazing work in our city. They match adults with kids, ages who are facing adversity. The goal of the program is to develop a relationship that results in higher aspirations, greater confidence, and better relationships. They also focus strongly on avoidance of risky behavior and educational success. They have been giving back to our community for over 50 years with amazing and measurable results. You can learn more about Big Brothers Big Sisters at We know you will be impressed by what they do.


SDFEI is an organization of financial executives. One of the ways that they give back to the San Diego community is to provide scholarships to deserving accounting and finance students each year. Skyriver IT supports FEI as a sponsor.


The Epoch Media Group is a New York based global news and entertainment company at the forefront of digital video publishing. Operating on the foundations of truth, humanity, and hope, EMG provides credible and quality news that is un-biased. They also help fill a void in in the current media landscape by providing positive and uplifting entertainment content. Integrity and truthfulness in reporting, together with the stories that really matter, are cornerstones to Epoch Times. NTD, which is EMG’s news and entertainment brand, is now consistently among the top 10 media and entertainment properties in the world. Our Chairman Siyamak Khorrami donates his time to Epoch Media Group.