A Different Kind of IT Workplace

Joining an IT service provider is a common way for IT professionals to build their skills and work on a lot of different types of projects. Unfortunately, it is also known as a challenging lifestyle: long irregular hours, lack of flexibility, billable hours and sales quotas. Fortunately, Skyriver IT has found a better way.

First, we align our clients’ best outcomes with those of our engineers:

  • We don’t use a break/fix model. Since we do not bill hourly, our engineers can focus on doing a good job and not how much it is costing the client. This eliminates a lot of pressure.
  • No quotas for reselling of products or services. We have a dedicated sales and marketing team, and our engineers are not under any pressure to meet sales goals. That improves the relationship with clients and increases trust. We have regularly scheduled trainings to help you with technology certifications.
  • Solve problems as a team. On our daily calls, we learn from each other and provide the client with the best solutions.
  • Empowering engineers. There are no one-size fits all solutions. So, engineers get to choose what works best for the client and how to best implement it.

Next, we create a culture that keeps engineers happy. We have learned that happier engineers lead to happier clients.

  • Management is accessible and engaged with team.
  • You learn about how the business works, and how it is doing.
  • It is fast paced and busy, so you learn a lot.
  • The company is structured to make engineers more successful and allow them to have balanced lives.
  • Most work is done during business hours, and if there is any work that needs to be done during evenings or weekends, it is agreed upon beforehand by the engineer. We are very sensitive to burnout.

What It’s Like to Work at Skyriver IT.

If the culture we created feels like a good fit for you, please consider applying for one of our open positions.


Field Service Engineer
San Diego Based IT Technician


Beware of Scammers!

Scammers are using our good name to make fraudulent job posts and defraud job applicants out of thousands of dollars. They are issuing phony offer letters and a forged check that will bounce. Then they ask you to buy computer equipment from a shady vendor that will keep your money and not send the equipment. Since they are incompetent and unable to keep their stories straight, we know they are doing this under the Skyriver IT and Design Map company names. Please beware and please note the authorities have been notified.

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